Two works of estate manager and live in housekeeper you should know

Do you want to hire an estate manager or alive-in housekeeper? If you are then you should first know the work of the two because you might think that they are completely the same. According to the estate manager and the live in housekeeper are two different professions but stays in the same field of work. So that you would know more about that and the difference of the both here are the two works that the two do. This way you would know the difference and similarities of an estate manager and a live-in housekeeper.

Estate Manager

  1. Manages more than one home or estate

When it comes to the estate manager you can bet that they don’t only manage one home but a lot or on how many they can handle. They are also very professional and a lot of people have made great careers out of this. A lot of homes even became efficient because of them and the family doesn’t have to worry about their homes because of them.

  1. Manages everything about a home

Since they are in theline of management, the things that they do would be to manage your home. This would mean that they are the people who would deal with everything with your home to ensure that it will stay productive and efficient. There are an after all homes that lost their touch because of mismanagement but with them working for you then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Live in Housekeeper

  1. Cleans the house and cooks for family

The work of a live in housekeeping would be to literally clean and cook for the family. Unlike the estate manager who only manages and deals with the people who does the actual work, the housekeeper is the one that does the actual work and they can only stay in one home. The housekeeper is like four in one because everything is on their shoulder.

  1. Semi-manages the family

They maybe housekeepers and aren’t near to an estate manager but they still semi-manage the family and their home. This would mean that they are the one who will have to deal with almost everything in the house. The reason “almost” is because the matriarch would have to guide you along the way and would have to tell you certain things so that you wouldn’t go over the line of your work.

So that you wouldn’t get confused on the profession of the two and so that you would know what to expect and what the responsibilities of an estate manager and live in housekeeper are, these are just some of the work they do.According to they maybe in a similar field but the responsibilities they carry are very different but still they help in managing your family and your home. That is why if ever you need help in managing your home then you can choose either of the two since their main work should be for the house and the family.